Listener Comments

“Just finished listening to your CD Color Me Love. Beautiful! You truly have a gift of writing and the voice of an angel.” J.S. (Singer)

“Your music is so beautiful and moving, I’m literally covered with goosebumps and I’m about to bawl my eyes out!!!!  (Heidi, All is Said & Done, so far…WOW). I’m a huge fan of your music, Becki.” — H.E. (co-worker)

“I’m still listening to your CD (Color Me Love) and it is special.  I just played it for my producer who is visiting us in WY. .. he loves your CD – your voice, your songs, the mix, the musicians.  We are wondering if you have done another project yet.  Let us know when it’s done.” — D.K. (Singer-Songwriter)

“WOW! I listen to this song (We Don’t Have to Say Goodbye) all the time because it helps me so much when I miss my parents. I loved this song the first time I heard it. Awesome song, Awesome songwriter! I now know the details that created the song. Thanks for sharing …” — L.L.

We Don’t Have to Say Goodbye — “Becki, so touching, inspiring and filled with love. Thanks you for sharing such private moments in such an intimate and tender way.” — L.D. (artist)

“We’ve been enjoying your CD (Butterfly). I must tell you that, being a song writer and music theory teacher, I’m rather critical of others’ writings, but I can’t find anything wrong with yours.  Congratulations on creating such beautiful lyrics and music.” — D.K. (Singer-Songwriter)

“What a touching story and testimony. You have done the right thing. You have stored up  your treasures in Heaven, where they will last forever … God bless you for the encouragement your email has brought me. I pray the Lord will bless you and your songs. He has used you mightily already.” — A.J. (Worship Leader and Songwriter)

“I love your voice! I just had to tell you that. 🙂  Fantastic. Your voice is amazing … very rich.” —  J.M. (Radio Promoter)

“This is so beautiful my friend. Love all of your songs. What a rare & lovely talent you have to not only be able to put words like this together, but to set them to such soothing music. I pray that God continues to bless your music.” —  W.D.

“Your music makes us feel happy and full of gladness.” —  K.C.