Bumper Stickers and Vanity Plates or What’s Your Agenda?

truthI have an artist friend who works in the same building as I, just a couple of blocks down the hill from our state’s Capitol building.   She also lives out in the country not too far from me, so we carpool whenever one of us is in need of a ride to work.

She has a bumper sticker on her car (just one) that makes me smile every time I see it:

“Truth has no agenda.” 

That is  great statement! How could anyone possibly take issue with that?  But she tells me that on one particular day she returned to her car to find a note. Someone was so bothered by her bumper sticker that they left a post-it note with a message that asked, “What’s your agenda?” LOL! My first thought was, “what’s your problem?” But after giving it more serious thought I would have to say my agenda is to always be seeking the truth, and when you do that, you can’t really be swayed or manipulated by the hidden agendas of others – and they’re everywhere.

One day this past summer we were sharing a ride and as usual, enjoying lively discussion – encouraging one another through laughter and tears over matters we don’t typically discus with anyone else.  We got talking about how blessed we are and how we didn’t know what we’d do or where we’d be today without the Lord when a car drove by with a license plate that read:


Later on, after a rather challenging day at work, we met again for the evening commute. This time our conversation turned to the creative lifestyle and the frustrations we both face – she, as an artist, and myself, as a songwriter.  I shared with her how the Lord had led me every step of the way and no matter how difficult things seemed, whenever I felt overwhelmed and confused about the direction I should take, I would cry out to the Lord and he always revealed the next step at the right time. Just then, as though to accentuate the point, another car drove by with a license plate that read:


I don’t know about you, but we both thought that was highly unusual! I know I’ve never seen anything like it before or since and the memory of it still warms my heart. What a reminder: My Savior, my Shepherd – Jesus – has rescued and redeemed this life of mine, and he guides and cares for me every step of the way, like a tender shepherd caring for a little lost lamb lifted from the brambles.  He IS the Truth and he guides me WITH his truth, and if there is an “agenda,” it is his divine purpose – one that is never crooked or deceitful, and one that will be fully revealed to us one day. It emanates from his loving heart – and it’s all for good!


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